TH. 7
DURATION: 15 days
Applicants: Vietnamese and international students aged 14-19
TH. 7


Discover Vietnamese traditional culture and people

Experience local cultures of different provinces



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Overcome challenges in 02 weeks

Overcome challenges on skills and physical strength; improve health as well as gain diverse experiences 


Participate in charitable activities 

Participate in charitable works of building living facilities for local disadvantaged people 

“Discover Vietnam” an international camp is designed to create opportunities for students all across the world to establish new friends in Vietnam; and discover its alluring nature and rich culture, the country of hospitality and peace-loving people, of amazing beauty and irresistible cuisine. 

During a two-week journey to study Vietnam, campers will have the chance to experience “up the mountain forest and down to the sea”, through experiencing local life in numerous different cities and provinces with distinct cultures and lifestyles, from peasantry to the royal life at the ancient luxury monarchic court.
In addition, campers will face various challenges to overcome to draw on their essential skills and physical strengths, so as to improve their health as well as gain diverse experiences away from home, challenge themselves in a unique living environment.






Participate in charitable activities to support local communities and putting social responsibility into action

Have the chances to exchange cultures and make new friends around the world 

Discover and study the long-standing culture and unique Vietnamese identity

Creat and build up independent habits and essential skills through staying away from home comforts

Have fun and be excited by team challenges and experience local activities


The itinerary covering two weeks includes:
• Visit and experience local culture in Hanoi, Mai Chau, Hue and Thuan An Beach
• Practice essential life skills such as independence, team work, safety, problem solving, etc.
• Participate in charitable works of building living facilities for local disadvantaged people
• Experience team challenges to have fun, interact and connect with new friends around the world
• Practice English with international campers and instructors throughout the entire journey


With the history of more than 1000 years since the early days of Thang Long citadel, Hanoi has always been the most important political and culture centre of Vietnam with both tangible and intangible heritages. What makes Hanoi incredibly special is its outstanding rich cultural diversity, culture is imbued at every turn and an ongoing performance art.


Mai Chau

About 150km away from Hanoi, a vast and peaceful nature stretched rural district, completely different from the noisy and hustle life in urban areas. Mai Chau is extremely beautiful, tranquil and peaceful. Mai Chau Valley is located halfway up to the top of mountains, dominated by Thai people, with intimate community living customs and special traditional stilt houses.


Thua Thien Hue is home to five world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Hue is famous for its romantic, peaceful and gentle beauty and the art of majestic palaces and magnificent temples in the ancient space. Therefore, exploring famous landmarks, studying about history, and experiencing the imperial culture are a must-do when traveling to Hue.

Thuan An Beach

About 30 minutes driving from Hue, Thuan An beach is a brilliant stretch of pristine white to off-yellow sandy beach with clear stunning turquoise water. During the daytime, the beach is so stunning that it attracts locals and non-locals alike and is a favorite hotspot for expats. Thieu Tri King ranked it in the top 10 most beautiful landscapes in Hue.

As the portrait implies “up the mountain forest and down to the sea”, campers will engage with social responsibility activities as part of their journey by taking part in charitable work with poor peasants in Mai Chau via the “Rise with PDI” project which was initiated by PDI Vietnam to support local communities to improve their living conditions. PDI pledge to allocate US$ 16 from the camp fee from each “Discover Vietnam” camper to contribute directly to the “Rise with PDI” fund.
In this project, campers will discover and study local culture and lifestyles, then together with local people build qualified facilities to enhance their living standards. In this manner, campers will learn how to understand and sympathize, through self-awareness and practice of their own social responsibilities and values. All the funds and support from campers are provided directly to the recipient communities. At the end of the journey, campers will receive a Certificate of Contribution for their charity work.



Personal Development Institute (PDI) was established and oriented to be a social organization with the mission to accompany with student from primary school to high school, to prepare the necessary living skills for surviving in the nature and feeling confidently with society. PDI will help to create the suitable environment for students to gain and practice the skills learned: communicating, making friends and sharing mutual interests.
PDI wish to be a good connection between children and parents in order to help parents understand more about their kids and then proactively accompany with them.
PDI will establish the community to help students gain, practice and share their knowledge, skills and great values along with connecting parents with children, sharing experiences and children raising methods

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